Basic information

The public enterprise Transnafta was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the year 2005, for the purpose of performing activities of public interest. The company's main task is creating conditions for the secure, safe and reliable transport of crude oil via pipeline, thereby ensuring the continuity of crude oil supply. The Company, having been established during the reorganisation process in the oil industry and has continued with the activities within the energy sector, nowadays it is proud of the knowledge and experience gained over the past thirty years of pipeline management.

At the time of establishment, the core activities that the Company performed were crude oil and petroleum products pipeline transport throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Since then, thanks to the efficient business policies, professional staff and the ambitious ideas, the Company has grown and has developed, and its activities have been extended to the storage and crude oil, petroleum products and bio-fuels trade. Transnafta also deals with design, construction, supervision and pipeline maintenance, provides engineering and consulting services in the field of pipeline transportation, and in accordance with the law performs foreign trade within the registered activities.

Transnafta operates at several different locations in the territories of Pancevo, Novi Sad and Belgrade. Within the Refinery Novi Sad and the Refinery Pancevo are terminal and metering station managed by Transnafta. 

The company is run and operated by Supervisory Board and Managing Director.